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Fitpack, Packaging Machinery





FITPACK has made possible to introduce improvements in the field of the Horizontal pouch machines for flexible packaging.

We use the highest technology as a result of the union of highly qualified technical staff, including large experience in most of the Packaging Companies you can find in the Market.

The models FITPACK are covering any packaging need; from a very low amount of product up to very big volumes of 5 or more kg, including fanciful shaped pouches or designed to the new tendencies.

The variety of our Fillers covers from Standard Fillers for powders-granules-liquid and pasty products, up to Counting systems and Weighers for exact weights or counted units.

Gas flush injection, reclosable Ziplocks, pouring valves or caps placed in different parts of the pouch,  are also some of the options you can find in our FITPACK Equipments.




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